When Awards are Given

Awards are given once a month, at the beginning of the month

Therefore, applications received during the month,before the 20th of the month, are considered for the award the next month

Applications received after the 20th of the month will be carried over to the next month
Example: Applications received from Feb 20 to
Mar 20 will be considered for April Award.
Applications received from Mar 20 to Apr 20 will be considered for May award,etc.

Only winning sites are notified

The Lynx Award is not easy to win,
but it also is not hard to win, if you have the right combination
of originality,design and graphics
All of these carry equal weight in judging your site.

There will also be one Bronze,Silver,Gold and Platinum Winner each month. These Are Chosen at the end of the month
from the monthly winners.

At the end of Each Year, there will be chosen a bronze,silver,gold and platinum SITE OF THE YEAR. These come from the BRONZE,SILVER,GOLD AND PLATINUM Monthly Winners.

Re-Applying for the Award

If you are a monthly winner, you can re-apply whenever you wish.

If you are a Bronze,Silver,Gold you can re-apply whenever you wish
Platinum winners can not re-apply

SITES OF THE YEAR cannot re-apply


Judging is done by viewing the applicants homepages. ALL PAGES ARE VIEWED. THIS AWARD IS NOT AUTOMATIC

Judges do not have the time to sign guestbooks. If there is any doubt in your mind, whether your page was viewed, Please put at Stat Counter on your page. The server will be Cetlink.

If your opening or first page does not get our attention, we likely will go no further into your site

PLEASE READ RULES/CRITERIA before applying. There are some things which will cause automatic disqualification

THE LYNX AWARDS is proud to honour all personal homepages. We do not grade on the complexity of the site. Therefore all sites have an equal chance.

THE LYNX AWARDS is different than most other award sites in that we do not require a guestbook to be signed. (IF YOU HAVE NOT NOTICED --THERE IS NOT ONE ON THIS SITE)

If you have music on your site, we do not require a way to turn it off. WE LIKE MUSIC. WE HAVE A VOLUME CONTROL. If we don't like the type of music on your page, we turn down our volume control.

We do not ask the question, Why does your homepage deserve this award? We know why. You have worked hard on developing your page. This should be the only reason you are applying.

We do not check spelling

If your homepage gives an award, and any of the above is on your page, this will not dis-qualify you from the award, but WILL deduct points.

We do not deduct for a few broken links. Actually,the only links we are concerned with are the link between your pages. We do not check and do not care about links to other sites

GRAPHICS are a major part in our judging. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN. If the site that you got them from requires a link, please do so. We do not check this and have no way of checking this. JUST BE COURTEOUS.

WE DO DEDUCT if your opening page or first page is loaded down with banners or ads. This could mean disqualification.


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